First Real Post

Finally I figured out how to get rid of the “site coming soon” page and open my blog to the public.  Now I’m just full of questions about how in the world anyone will find it?  How can I get on Rockstar’s directory so that maybe somebody will take a look?  What plugins I need to fix the place up, and so on and etc.  But mainly I’m happy I can finally Google myself and see this post!

I’m also very pleased that my first guest post ever, which appeared on 99to1percent  was submitted by Ms 99to1percent herself to Physician on FIRE who included it in his Sunday Best!  All in all this has been a good start to something new and highly entertaining for me.  As a slightly  early retired guy who typically only works a couple of days a week it will be a fun way to grow some new skills.  I look forward to meeting many new people in the FI, FIRE, Retirement, Investing and Side Gig communities.

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  1. Hi Steveark,

    Glad to see you site is up already! Will include it my monthly blog report to help spread the word.

    And like Jason said, submit your blog to RSF and make sure you join the forums.

  2. Hey Welcome!

    It is a huge learning curve that’s for sure! No doubt about it. But you’ll get the hang of it in no time! Just google everything and ask questions on forums on how to blog.

    Glad to see you in the PF community!

    I Wish you the best of luck and I am excited to read more posts from you!


    1. Thank you Doc! My son is a 4th year med student about to match and is married to a CRNA so we are kind of a medical family once removed!

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